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У Вас нет времени приходить на примерки? Или Вы живете в другом городе? Для Вашего удобства мы запустили изготовление изделий ОНЛАЙН.

В первый раз оформляете заказ на онлайн-пошив? Мы дарим Вам скидку 15%

Как оформить заказ? На нашу почту (сюда) Вы присылаете свои размеры, фотографию модели или её описание, мы связываемся с Вами для уточнения деталей и сроков изготовления Вашего заказа и запускаем его в работу.

Стоимость каждого заказа рассчитывается индивидуально. 

По окончании мы бесплатно отправляем службой доставки Ваш заказ по указанному Вами адресу. 


Proven fact: you're judged by your appearance. Clothes tells everyone who you are. But how can you make people think of you the way you want? 

 All you need is a custom design outfit made of unique fabric. That's how you take control of the consciousness of people. 

Why is custom design outfit so important? It is simple: people see you wearing something special that no one else has and they start thinking that it is made of expensive fabric that only high class people can afford it.

BUT here is the trick. Very often people think that certain fabric is expensive just because they've never seen it in clothing stores. Our wide choice of fabric makes our customers look exclusive every time they're wearing our outfits. And when you're dealing with custom-made clothing you're free to choose any design, any model (even from a magazine) that you want to get.   

Not sure yet? To boost your confidence we give you 15% discount for the first order to try our service out plus we will ship your outfit to you worldwide FOR FREE

How can you make an order. Fill out this form  with a model whic you want to get and your measurements. After that we will contact you to specify the order details. Also you can contact us directly in WhatsApp where we will be happy to answer any your question.